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Boot Scoot Festival

University Assignment 

The rationale for this body of work was to create a suite of linking design projects that acted as touchpoints - which aligned with a self-directed brief.

For the scope of my project, I chose to create marketing and design collateral for a fictional music festival: Boot Scoot. The project contains a static poster, a short lineup reveal video and a suite of animated GIFS to be used by festival goers.

The suite of work will have a distinct style that is fun, nostalgic and inviting to entice viewers to buy tickets for the festival. Moreover, I hope to have a strong theme and aesthetic that links each design piece together - to create a synergetic assignment.

Aesthetic Inspiration

A large inspiration for this piece is the Kitsch aesthetic: designs or objects that are described as tacky and garish but are also sentimental and sometimes ironic. I have always been drawn to this eclectic style as it acts a melting pot for nostalgia and whimsy - characteristics I tend to favour within my personal design and illustration style.

Lineup Reveal Video

Made Using After Effects

Animated Gifs

Made Using Procreate
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